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Scribblenauts Unlimited and the birth of the ferret-headed librarian-throwing lamp


Scribblenauts Unlimited on Wii U has a lot of new stuff not found in its predecessors, like an open world full of both traditional Scribblenauts levels and simple "Starite shard" challenges (requiring you to make one item on the spot, basically), fancy HD graphics, and multiplayer.

But by far the most revolutionary improvement for the sequel (in a series whose every improvement is pretty dang revolutionary) is the item editor, which lets you take any single item and change its color, add other items (or components thereof) to it, and then even change its behavior.

For example, I started with a "lamp." I painted the shade three different colors -- is argyle a color? -- and then generated a "ferret," whose head I detached and stuck to the top of the lamp. Why not. Then, I altered the properties of the lamp so that the lamp was alive. Then I made it a weapon. I set it so that it was the kind that shoots projectiles, and I replaced the standard "bullet" with "librarian," resulting in a constant arc of librarians issuing forth.

If, like me, you're proud of your work, you'll be able to share your items online. If you can't solve a problem with a regular item, why not ... mutate it cruelly?

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