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Star Trek and some hardcore Gorn


The gorn will be a primary antagonists in the upcoming co-op-centric Star Trek game from Darkness 2 developer Digital Extremes. The humanoid lizards of the Gorn Hegemony are quite agile in the new game, a significant departure from their appearance in the "Arena" episode of the original Star Trek from 1967.

The race may come off as blood-thirsty killers in the new Star Trek, based off the JJ Abrams reboot of the space exploration franchise, but that's not how we remember them. The gorn are featured in one of the two most famous fight scenes in the original Star Trek series. Captain Kirk's fight with a gorn doesn't exactly hold up against Yuen Woo-ping choreographed fight scenes in modernity, whereas his fight with Spock during the vulcan's pon farr is hilariously awesome.

We asked the developer during E3 if there would also be a Kirk v. Spock fight featuring the classic music in the game, but our question was deflected with shields at full power.

We've placed clips of both amazing fight scenes from the original Star Trek after the break.

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