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Honda Fit EV rated at 118 MPGe, will get you 82 of those on one charge (update)


Honda's perky little Fit EV has just been marked and measured by the Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA has rated the dinky 'lectro-wagon at 118 MPGe, which Honda claims is the best ever score. Our friends over at Autoblog aren't so sure, noting that the Tesla Roadster eked out 119 MPGe in its testing. That said, the Fit does best the Roadster on its city rating (132 over 124 MPGe) so perhaps there's some gentle number massaging going on. With performance like that, however, we won't hold it against them. In fact we're off to buy one now. Oh wait.

Update: Honda has been in contact to clarify that its rating of 118 is an official EPA score. The Tesla's 119 was based on internal testing, meaning the Fit does indeed have the top EPA rating.

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