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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup is its own game mode


Lately, I've been subjecting myself to cruel amounts of Tetris on Game Boy. The 1989 classic certainly isn't the best version of the game. Unlike later iterations, pushing up on the d-pad doesn't auto-drop tetrominos, there's no "hold piece" function, and there's an apparent lack of flexibility in rotating pieces in tight spaces.

None of that matters though, because the Game Boy version of Tetris holds a special place in my heart, primarily due to the way I play the game. After selecting Type A music (this is crucial), I often pick a starting level between five and eight, then stack blocks erratically until they fill a little over half the screen. After taking a moment to allow a wave of stress and anxiety to wash over me, I get to work, diving block-first into the mess I just created until I'm either taken under the current or I clear every line away. This is all despite the fact that the game's second play mode accomplishes this for me; it's more satisfying when I clean up my own mess.

Modern "AAA" games don't always leave room for this kind of play style. Collecting hundreds of trivial feathers or solving every side-quest possible fills that gap in our minds that screams "clean this mess up" because it is given directly to players as achievable goals. Still, nothing ages well like your own imagination. Bringing your imagination to a favorite video game can make that experience better.

I encourage you to check out last week's imaginative webcomics, and then vote for your favorite after the break.

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