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Apple unveils new Maps app in iOS 6


In what's surely a shot across Google's bow, Apple has unveiled its own Maps app for iOS 6, dropping Google Maps. With over 100 million business listings, integrated Yelp support, and an in-progress traffic service, the new Maps app completely sidesteps Google's services, "redesigned from the ground up" according to Apple.

The new traffic service will include anonymous, real-time, crowd-sourced incident reports -- no more getting stuck on the freeway behind an hour's worth of rubberneckers. It also features turn-by-turn navigation, a first for the Maps app. Traffic reporting can offer real-time rerouting based on current conditions, potentially a huge time-saver.

Navigation works right from the lock screen, and the new maps app has integrated Siri support, allowing you to find gas stations and other services just by asking for them.

A new feature called Flyover brings long-rumored 3D navigation for several cities worldwide. Cities render in realtime, and reports from the WWDC floor indicate that the rendering is very impressive.

The new Maps app will be an iOS 6 exclusive.

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