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Samsung Galaxy S III accessories shown on video, that C-Pen never felt closer (video)


If you rushed out to buy a Galaxy S III (or are waiting to buy one) but got skittish over decking it out with extras, it's time to relax. MobileFun has volunteered to show a quintet of the Android 4.0 phone's official accessories on-camera to get a feel for how they work. Samsung's desktop dock, battery charger and flip cover all get the video treatment, but the highlights are the WiFi Display Hub and C-Pen. The wireless hub sadly isn't shown with a live Galaxy S III to demo, but gives a feel for just how minuscule it is next to a TV. However, the C-Pen is mostly notable for working only with Samsung's latest: there's no way to wield it as an upscale Galaxy Note stylus. All of the accessories are already on sale, although it might be wise for Americans to just watch the videos below until they have real phones in their hands later this month.

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