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MacTech magazine launches on iPad, 2012 e-issues free for WWDC


Our comrades in geek over at MacTech have some WWDC-related deals to share. The iPad edition of the Mac-centric technical journal was released last month, and the free app shows up in the iPad's Newsstand container (as with most periodicals). The in-app issue purchases run you $4.99 for one, or $10.99 for a three-issue subscription. The annual print/digital bundle is a better deal, with a full year's subscription to both versions running you $29.99.

Given the festivities in San Francisco, however, the MacTech team has made the year-to-date issues of the magazine free to download. Follow this link to get the free issues -- no strings attached.

The new app also includes a handy feature built as part of Aquafadas's digital publishing system, called Guided Reading. This lets the reader set the desired zoom level of the text and then navigate forward and backward between portions of an article by simply tapping on arrows at the left and right bottom edges of the screen. Guided Reading just guides you through the zoomed-in text -- no dragging around, or zooming out and in again to keep track of your position on the page.

TUAW is a media partner of the MacTech live event series.

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