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Netflix app for the Nintendo Wii U, pictured


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Nintendo vowed at E3 to provide Netflix on the Wii U, but tracking down the mythical streaming video beast has proven elusive. Thankfully, Engadget has obtained the first shots illustrating how it will work. While it's a prototype that could easily change between now and the Wii U's holiday release (or whenever the app is available), what we've seen so far makes it clear Netflix will milk that second screen for all it's worth. The GamePad is normally used to browse the movie queue and playback controls without distracting from the video on the TV. Should Junior want to catch up on his favorite flick while you're on a Breaking Bad marathon, the reverse will also work: the video can play on the controller while the TV is at most used to show what's playing, and more likely switched over to your DVR. Questions still remain on deck, like whether or not the video can seamlessly hand off from one screen to the other, but for now it's nice to see that Netflix on the Wii U is more than just a quick-and-dirty port.

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