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TERA patch opens up GvG on PvE servers and improves daily quests

Eliot Lefebvre

TERA has been out on American shores for just about a month now, and that means the game is due for a patch. While the latest update isn't a huge patch, it certainly does bring some big changes, starting with the addition of the guild vs. guild system to PvE servers. Guild masters will be able to toggle their guilds as pacifistic or battle-ready, and new players joining a guild will be informed if the guild is embroiled in war.

Not up for the PvP road? That's all right -- there are a lot of other little additions in this patch. Daily quests for Hands of Velika have undergone some revisions, with slightly higher numbers required to clear but a greater individual reward. High-end BAMs now also drop Tier 13 crafting materials, with named monsters having a higher chance at drops. The patch also adds the ability to type custom emotes and several bug fixes, both of which should improve the quality of play in TERA.

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