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Chrome Web Store adds offline app section, more markets and greater analytics for developers

Zachary Lutz

Just two months ago, Google added badges to its Chrome Web Store to denote whether a specific app offers offline functionality. Now, the company is making it easier for users to specifically root out these apps with a new offline section in the Chrome Web Store. The change won't be immediately apparent to many, as the "Offline Apps" section is nested within the "Collections" portion of the store, but once here, users will find a host of familiar titles such as Angry Birds, Google Calendar, Google Docs and Offline Google Mail, along with selections such as Nitro for task management, NYTimes for news and Space Invaders for those who like to kick it old school. Along with the new collection, Google is also making life a bit sweeter for developers. First, it's announcing the availability of the Chrome Web Store in Turkey, Ukraine, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Morocco and the United Arab Emirates. Along with this, devs will find new analytics tools to view the trending performance of their titles throughout the past 90 days. For a bit more insight, feel free to hit up the source link below.

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