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Microsoft updates iPhone app to control Xbox 360


Microsoft has dropped an update for its My Xbox Live app in the App Store, and it adds a pretty significant bit of functionality. You can now control your Xbox 360 over a wireless network directly from your iPhone. The app can see recent console activity, browse and play media, and even hit fast forward, rewind, and other media controls. It's pretty wild, you're controlling Microsoft hardware with Apple hardware. Someone find Bill Gates and ask him what he thinks about that one!

Elsewhere, the app was also updated to work with the iPad, and it still provides all the other Xbox Live related functionality such as browsing through achievements and viewing avatars. But that remote control feature is the real kicker. Last week during its press conference at E3, Microsoft showed off SmartGlass, designed to integrate Xbox games and programming with tablets, including Apple's iOS devices. This isn't quite that yet, but it's a sign that Microsoft is serious about bringing your tablet and your TV together.

[via Engadget]

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