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Trion Worlds licenses CloakWorks cloth simulation tech


RIFT players, have you been feeling like the game is missing a certain je ne sais quois? Perhaps the way your cloak flaps in the wind just isn't quite dramatic enough for you. Well, you may just be in luck, as Trion Worlds has just announced that it has licensed CloakWorks' "advanced cloth simulation technology" known as Shroud. RIFT executive producer Scott Hartsman claims that capes are one of the most-requested visual features and states that he's "very happy" with Shroud's results.

The studio hasn't released any previews of the new technology in action, but we'll be sure to keep our eyes peeled for new details as they come. In the meantime, though, why don't you busy yourself by catching up on all the latest news about RIFT's upcoming Storm Legion expansion?

[Source: Trion Worlds press release]

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