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Walter puts the 'aww' back in 'agua' in its premiere trailer


Oh, now we get it – all this time we thought the healthcare authorities were telling us to drink more water, but apparently all we need is Walter, this adorable, quirky platformer. Watching the above trailer, we think we could survive off of its cuteness alone for a few months, easy.

As we learned back in November, Walter is a PSN, XBLA, Steam title launching in 2013, which follows a bundle of water with eyes as he takes on an evil oil company. This is the first trailer for the debut title from indie developer Blossom Minds, a French studio founded in part by Jérôme Braune, a former designer at Eden Games.

So, as the doctors says, stay healthy and drink some Walter this summer. With your eyeballs. Drink Walter with your eyeballs. That sounds about right.

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