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Breakfast Topic: Tell us your tanking bloopers


Recently, we asked you to tell us your healing bloopers. Frustrated Healer requested a similar thread for tanks because he is, well, a frustrated healer. Now, we all have horror stories from other people tanking, as well as tales just as bad about people making it difficult to tank. Most of these stories are the same, which is why tanking bloopers would be so much more fun. (I mean, how many times do we need to complain about the GOGOGO mentality?)

WoW Insider does have a few guides to help beginning tanks, including: But even if you read everything you should when starting to play a tank, you still make mistakes -- sometimes big, smelly, embarrassing ones. And even veteran meat shields have their oops days.

I've never tanked in the big leagues, but I've tried leveling a few baby tanks through dungeons. First time I ran a 5-man (which was The Deadmines), my gnome warrior accidentally rolled on a ring with intelligence on it. Gear couldn't be traded at this time. I was miserable, as was everyone else. Her first 5-man was her last 5-man.

Another time, another tank kept usurping my role. I was rather testy and we had a couple of verbal scuffles -- until someone pointed out that my role was actually DPS. Oops.

What embarrassing mistakes have you made as a tank? Were you new or a seasoned pro? And tell us the truth: Did you fess up or blame it on another player?

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