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Chameleon adaptive Android home screen returns to view, Kickstarter

Zach Honig

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For three days, Chameleon lived up to its name, disappearing from the web as quickly as it arrived. The Android home screen's Kickstarter page spent most of this week offline, after the Amazon Payments account holder departed the company, leaving Chameleon without any way to collect on its pledges. Fortunately, the project has now returned, and is already more than a third of the way through to its $30,000 funding goal. And, as an apology of sorts for the inconvenience, new backers (or re-backers) of five dollars or more will receive five "bonus" Chameleon backgrounds. Regardless of whether this modest offer or the launcher's potential is responsible for the seemingly considerable interest, the project is back up and running -- this time though the July 4th deadline, we hope. Jump past the break and hit up our source link to make your pledge.

[Thanks, Scott]

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