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Humble Indie Bundle 5 closes at over $5.1 million

Jordan Mallory

The fifth Humble Indie Bundle has come to a close, raising a cumulative $5,105,169.91 over the course of two weeks. The bundle, which arguably contained the most compelling lineup of titles in the history of the program, shattered previous records set by Humble Bundles 2 and 3, which topped out at just over $2 million each.

With titles like Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Bastion, Limbo, Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, Psychonauts, Lone Survivor, Super Meat Boy, and Braid, it's not hard to guess why the fifth charity- and developer-driven bundle was such a success.

According to the promotion's website, Humble Indie Bundle 5 was purchased by 598,794 individuals, with an average purchase price of $8.53. Broken down by platform, Linux users paid more than anyone else at an average of $12.51 per transaction, while Windows users paid the least, averaging $7.97 per bundle. Still, the majority of purchases were made by PC users, with Linux users contributing the minority.

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