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Indie Royale June Bug Bundle now live, as is a system for managing previous bundle purchases

Jordan Mallory

The latest bundle of indie-gaming confectionery from the Indie Royale folks is now live over at the usual place, this time championing PixelJunk Eden, Escape Goat, Noitu Love 2: Devolution and Auditorium. Throwing down seven clams or more will also earn you 8 Bit Weapon's new chiptune album, Bits with Byte.

By our rough guesstimation, the June Bug Bundle is the 400 trillionth Indie Royale bundle released to date, which means that longtime patrons of the service probably have a rather large notepad file somewhere to keep track of all their bundle business. Thankfully, a new service (the Indie Royale Collection) has launched that not only helps manage your previously purchased bundles, but also lets you track your progress towards earning new rewards, which are applied retroactively (where applicable) upon registering.

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The Indie Royale - - game bundle site just launched the Indie Royale Collection - - (login required), offering a page where purchasers can earn loyalty rewards, manage keys for already-purchased bundles, and add already-completed bundles to their Wishlist for possible bundle reappearances.

Loyal Indie Royale purchasers will earn rewards such as a best-of album featuring 8-Bit Weapon and ComputeHer, as well as multiplatform games including addictive arcade title Super Space Rubbish (plus its OST) and acclaimed action game from RadianGames - Fireball. The Indie Royale rewards will be applied retroactively; if you already purchased 10 bundles, then you'll get 2 loyalty rewards just by logging in to the Indie Royale Collection page - - and redeeming your rewards.

In addition, you asked for it and we listened; we're rolling out a Wishlist feature! This feature will give Indie Royale purchasers a simple way to tell Indie Royale what bundles they really want but don't have. We're not guaranteeing anything just yet, but if the developers agree, then Indie Royale will re-launch some of our most popular bundles for a limited time/price.

The Collection feature checks against the email address that Indie Royale purchasers used to buy bundles. It's as seamless as logging in or creating an account using the same e-mail address that was used to purchase bundles; and these bundles will be pre-populated in the Collection. For those who used multiple e-mail addresses to purchase bundles, it's easy to add the missing bundles and activate unlocked rewards by inputting the key that can be found in your original email.

For those who already have an account with bundle co-owner Desura, your user name and password will log you into Indie Royale; and all of your profile information will be pre-populated. But for those who don't and haven't made an Indie Royale-specific account yet, the site now supports the ability to register or sign in via Facebook, Twitter, Steam and Google.

Enjoy managing your Indie Royale Collection - - today!

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