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iOS 6 adds some great eye candy to new Music app


While Apple talked about a few new iOS 6 features during the keynote here at WWDC, there are always plenty of new features hidden in the operating system, some that we won't even fully hear about until the OS actually goes out to the public. But here's one found by the guys over at the iDownloadBlog, presumably in the developer beta.

It turns out that the big silver metal buttons in the Music app on the iOS 6 beta not only have reflections showing on them as if they're shiny, but will actually look like they're reflecting at different angles when you tilt the iOS device back and forth. There's a video to watch of it if you want, but you won't really be able to see this in action until you're holding it in your hands.

And that's why this is so great: Someone at Apple was building this app, decided that those buttons should really look different when the device is tilted and wrote code to make the accelerometer do just that. It's not a marquee feature, but it's an incredible touch that shows just why Apple is as popular as it is.

[via The Verge]

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