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Sharp Labs Europe develops portable microfluidic chip that completes blood tests in minutes

Alexis Santos

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In partnership with the University of Southampton, Sharp Labs Europe is developing a mobile lab-on-a-chip that spits out results in minutes, potentially putting the test result waiting game to an end. Using microelectronics found in LCDs, the programmable microfluidic square splits microliters of blood -- and potentially other fluids -- into smaller droplets which it subjects to controlled chemical reactions. A single blood sample can be used for multiple tests, so there's no need to endure a barrage of pricks. Folks anxious for snappier lab results may need to sit tight, however, as it could be five to ten years before the device settles into your doctor's office. In the meantime, head past the break to get the scientific lowdown from Sharp Research Supervisor Ben Hadwen.

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