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Win a DUST 514 beta key in the Event Horizon competition


If you've been dying to get into the closed beta for upcoming PS3 exclusive MMOFPS DUST 514, your chance to win a key has arrived. The beta is currently underway for this revolutionary MMO that will link a persistent console FPS to popular space MMO EVE Online. DUST 514 players will take on the role of ground troops in real wars fought across the EVE universe and can even join EVE corporations. Developer CCP Games announced its Event Horizon special event today, offering fans the chance to win a DUST 514 closed beta key by playing matches of its new multiplayer strategy game, Slay.

To be in for a chance to win, log in PlayStation Home on your PS3 and navigate to the DUST 514 Home space. Once there, play a game of Slay and watch the intro videos for each of the four races to be entered into the beta key draw. If you're already in the beta, you'll receive a free piece of gear on completing a game of Slay. For full details of the event and a helpful guide to playing Slay, head over to the official DUST 514 blog.

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