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Activision's skateboarding and music studio now working on Call of Duty


Activision's Neversoft studio has a long history of producing Acti's biggest franchises – Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero to name two biggies. And now, the studio is working on Acti's biggest ever franchise: Call of Duty.

The Neversoft website now features a splash screen with employees in various stages of game development. Its job listings are also now wide open, should you be looking to craft new Call of Duty titles, alongside Infinity Ward, Treyarch, Raven Software, and Sledehammer Games.

Of course, Neversoft's been hiring for a "new action shooter" since back in 2010, so it stands to reason that the Call of Duty assignment isn't exactly brand new. Either way – holy hell, that's a ton of people working on a single franchise.

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