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Breakfast Topic: How's the automatic removal of inactive GMs working out?


Back in patch 4.3, a feature was implemented that automatically offered guild leadership to another guildie if the GM didn't log in for 30 days. A few unscrupulous GMs have taken to logging in just before the 30 days are up in order to keep control, and then they disappear for another month. In April, Blizzard hotfixed the feature to extend the inactive time to 90 days before the GM spot would be offered to another guild member. Thus, evil GMs now have even more time in between needed logins. Are these players just allowing their guilds to be leveled up by others in order to turn around and sell them? Possibly.

Of course, the automatic changing of leadership has its benefits as well. GMs may vanish for extremely good reasons, and this feature allows guilds to move on. Guildies are also protected from GMs who quit WoW without saying goodbye -- inconsiderate, but not evil.

I made the stupid mistake of parking guild leadership on a barely used alt once. I don't remember my reasoning. Seriously, why would I do that? So guild leadership got offered up, even though my main character kept logging in.

Is your GM taking advantage of the timing in a way that is detrimental to your guild? Or have you been in a guild where the leadership has been automatically taken from an absent GM? What were the results?

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