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PS3 controller goes 'metallic gold' at GameStop


All right, here's the setup for a classic prank. First, buy this GameStop-exclusive "metallic gold" PS3 controller when it comes out in October. Then, invite a friend over. When he or she is out of the room, swap the normal PS3 controller you were using for this new one, then start crying loudly.

When your friend comes in to find out what's wrong, explain that you've been suddenly granted the Midas Touch and you're cursed with a life devoid of contact with anything but gold.

Then – and this is crucial – yell "GOTCHA" before your unwitting target can ask what's wrong with you or note that the controller looks an awful lot like plastic, and that they can see the hastily hidden packaging anyway.

Those of you in Europe can play along too: it's being released as a "limited edition" this month. Have fun!

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