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Report: Ubisoft in talks with Warner Bros., Paramount on Splinter Cell movie deal


Tom Clancy's no stranger to films, so it's not the most surprising news to hear that his Splinter Cell line of video games may be getting the cinematic treatment. Deadline reports that Ubisoft is in talks with both Warner Bros. and Paramount Pictures over the potential for a film tie-in (though talks with the former are said to have fizzled already).

It's unclear which game, if any, the film would follow. It's also important to note that deals like this don't always pan out (we're looking at you, Uncharted and BioShock films). And even if the film rights were optioned by a film studio, there's then no guarantee that a script would be written or a film made. What we're trying to say is: take all of this with a Bonneville Salt Flats-sized grain of ... well, you know.

[Pictured: Splinter Cell: Blacklist]

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