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Samsung's tube powered DA-E750 audio dock hitting the UK, Korea on June 18th


Have a thing for wood grain and high-end audio? You're in luck, as Samsung has announced that its DA-E750 Audio with Dock will be available in the United Kingdom and Korea beginning Monday, June 18th. As a refresher, this rather handsome boom box uses a handful of glass fiber speakers, a dedicated subwoofer and vacuum tubes to output 100 watts of "natural and harmonious" sound. What's more, the device (available in mahogany or piano black) can accommodate your Galaxy or iOS handheld of choice via a dock, or, for those that abhor cables, stream audio via Bluetooth 3.0, AllShare or AirPlay. Sammy didn't specify a price in its latest announcement, but the figure $800 was mentioned back at CES 2012 when the model was first announced. Any audiophiles out there interested in this tube-driven shelf unit with a bookcase-sized price tag?

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