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Second Embers of Caerus feature week video introduces Dynamic Events Team

MJ Guthrie

Who doesn't love unique live events guided by real people interacting directly with the participants? If you don't, then there is no need to read further. But if you do, have we got some news for you -- a sandbox promising just that! As Embers of Caerus' feature week for Kickstarter continues, Forsaken Studios released the second video blog, this time highlighting the Dynamic Events team.

After a few minutes of answering viewer-submitted questions brought on by the first video feature about death, Technical Director Dave Belcher introduces the star of the clip. What exactly is the Dynamic Events Team? Dave likens this group to pen-and-paper Dungeon Masters; they will have tools to run dynamic stories in-game on both a small, local scale and world-wide. They will also work around the clock to monitor the health of the world, using events for such things as encouraging players to disperse from overly populated areas or to replenish resource-depleted areas.

This whole system is meant to really bring the game world to life. To illustrate an example, Dave reads through a sample event. Catch his remarks after the break.

[Thanks to Flintwick for the tip!]

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