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Embers of Caerus' naval combat is 'almost a ship simulation'

Jef Reahard

Embers of Caerus' feature week continues, and the topic du jour is naval systems. Technical director Dave Belcher steps in front of the camera to talk about the indie sandbox MMO's ship implementation, which he describes as "almost a ship simulation."

Other MMORPGs feature sailing ships, of course, but Embers of Caerus is aiming for something a bit more ambitious. "You're using the weather, your sails, and your control of the ship to gain best advantage from that weather," Belcher explains. "Weather is persistent throughout the game, and wind plays a huge role for ship captains and naval tacticians."

In terms of the ships themselves, Belcher says that the dev team will implement everything from tiny rowboats to frigates and larger galleons. Have a look at the full video after the break, and don't forget about EoC's Kickstarter project, which wraps up in three days.

[Thanks to Sam and Dave for the tip!]

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