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Glitch dev Google Maps all of World of Warcraft


What do MMO developers do on their days off? If you're Tiny Speck co-founder Cal Henderson, you engage in huge projects concerning other MMOs. The man partially responsible for the sleeper hit Glitch spent a gob of time recreating World of Warcraft in Google Maps, and the result is awesome.

Henderson was inspired by an earlier attempt to provide a comprehensive map of the game but felt that he could vastly improve upon the project. He details in his blog how he went about converting the entire world of Azeroth into Google Maps, including the dungeons and several off-the-grid areas unseen by most players. Henderson also shares a few interesting tidbits that he dug up in WoW's files, including earlier names for areas.

World of Warcraft is a popular target for such crazy projects. We reported earlier this year that a player was working to create a Minecraft version of the entirety of Azeroth.

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