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Monster Physics is fun for any age

Mel Martin

This universal iOS app comes from the "Gee, I wish I had this when I was a kid" category. Monster Physics teaches science, but in a fun way. You create your avatar then assemble a contraption from pieces available in the app. Wheels, cannons and all sorts of parts. You can weld things together and make moving joints. There are 68 items that can be used to make your gadget.

Then your creation gets rendered, and the true laws of physics will apply. Will the object roll smoothly, fly like an airplane or make a space flight? Several of my designs failed, and that is where the learning takes place. After awhile I was literally flying high.

The graphics are beautifully rendered, and the app supports retina displays on the iPhone 4S and new iPad.

The sounds and animation are first rate, and there is a tutorial that explains how objects fall, bounce and interact. Once you have built your invention, there are 50 different missions to try it on. As you play, you are bound to learn things about physics, and you are presented with terms you'll doubtless use in real life.

Developer Dan Russell-Pinson has done a really terrific job with this app. It's hard to describe in words, but after a few minutes of using it you will get the hang of it while learning along the way.

This should be hours of fun for young children, and Monster Physics is a perfect example of how iOS hardware can inspire the best in software.

The app is on sale for a limited time for US $0.99, which is half off the usual cost.

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