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Nissan says Leaf charger will start powering homes in July, details new battery (video)


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We kicked the tires on Nissan's Leaf-based EV Power Station in Tokyo a while back, and now the company has announced that Japanese customers will start receiving the home power backups in July. On top of trundling you around town, the EV's battery will supply 6kWh of juice to your house, keeping it powered for up to two days. It also features an advanced charger, which can juice the Leaf to 80% capacity in only four hours, compared to the eight usually required to get to that level. It'll be sold through Nissan dealers and will run 480,000 yen ($6,000), or less with government subsidies -- in addition to the $35K you'd need for the car itself, of course. Roll on past the break for the video details.

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