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No Comment: iOS 6 Maps icon not to be taken as literal routing advice


Maybe someone in Apple's new mapping department is a fan of the automotive antics featured on The Dukes of Hazzard. As tweeted this weekend by James Mountain and featured on the financial site Minyanville, the new icon for the Maps app in iOS 6 features a slight change to emphasize the turn-by-turn directions upgrade: a blue routing path making a left turn with the familiar Interstate 280 shield in the upper right corner. The routing chevron replaces the red pin, but still holds pride of place right outside the gates of Apple's Cupertino headquarters.

There's only one teensy problem with this attractive icon: the blue path, if taken as a literal GPS routing, would be decidedly illegal and almost certainly fatal. The northbound lanes of De Anza Boulevard don't allow you to go west that way -- you'd have to cross over the highway and take a ramp instead. If Siri told you "turn left now" and you listened to her in Allstate mayhem fashion, you'd be cutting across oncoming traffic and taking a 20-foot plunge off the side of the elevated roadway onto I-280, headed west (well, mostly headed down, but a little bit west).

Below is the view from the highway looking up towards De Anza, courtesy of some other company's mapping solution. As for the beta icon for the iOS 6 beta Maps, all we can muster is a Monday No Comment.

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