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AT&T strikes a deal with Sirius XM to make 2.3GHz LTE a reality, pitches it to the FCC


AT&T has been a little more eager than usual to get spectrum after a certain big deal fell through, and we now know that Big Blue has been willing to bury a few outstanding hatchets to make that happen. The carrier has filed with the FCC to propose a deal with Sirius XM that would get its LTE-based 4G running on the 2.3GHz Wireless Communications Service (WCS) that, normally, satellite radio intersects. Rather than stay at an impasse, AT&T has agreed to a 5MHz dead zone on either end of Sirius XM's frequencies that would mitigate the risk of that Internet video stream colliding with Howard Stern. The provider still needs clearance to go ahead, and might not exactly get a resounding thumbs-up from WCS holder NextWave, which stands to lose more than a small piece of its airwave pie. An FCC all-clear would nonetheless raise the chances that AT&T keeps LTE flowing freely as subscribers pile on the network, even after the telecom behemoth conceded spectrum to T-Mobile.

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