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Ocarina 2 arrives on iOS


Smule has released Ocarina 2, a sequel to its immensely popular Ocarina app for iPhone. Like the original, the app allows you to blow into your iPhone's microphone to create a tone, which can be changed and adjusted depending on where you hold your fingers on the touchscreen. The new version brings features like a dynamic harmony, and the ability to choose songs to be played rather than just playing freestyle (which seems similar to the options in Smule's Magic Piano app, and means Smule is once again selling extra songs as an in-app purchase). And there's also a new "Whistle Mode," and achievements that make the whole thing a little more game-centric.

The last Ocarina created plenty of really wild videos and cover tunes, and odds are this version will do exactly the same. Below, you can see a video of a beta tester playing the Tetris theme on the new app. If you want to start tooting away on your own, you can grab the app right now from the App Store for free.

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