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Patch 1.0.3 released for Diablo III complete with an interesting new bug

Eliot Lefebvre

The pseudo-MMO nature of Diablo III makes it unsurprising that the development team is still hard at work with polishing patches. The newest patch, 1.0.3, has just been released, bringing with it several adjustments to classes and individual boss battles. It also expands the range for potential high-level item drops, allowing players a better chance at seeing top-end items without reaching Inferno Act IV. Along with the usual bug fixes, it should be all good news, right?

Unfortunately, it looks like the patch has brought an odd glitch along for some players -- namely, a glitch preventing them from gaining any experience. Player testing seems to reveal that changing your password fixes the issue and allows you to gain experience once again, and the issue is only affecting players with a digital version instead of the game discs. While no official word has come down from Blizzard as of yet, it wouldn't be surprising to see the issue hotfixed in the near future.

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