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'Rage: The Scorchers' pops up on PEGI, smells like DLC to us


When Rage launched last holiday, it made reference to a faction that didn't make it into the final game: The Scorchers. It appears that The Scorchers are back, as a listing on Europe's PEGI game rating website outs something named "Rage: The Scorchers" for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

Siliconera spotted the listing and dated it to less than a week ago. For its part, Bethesda hasn't offered a comment, though we've reached out for more info. Thus far, Rage has zero DLC beyond a day-one "Anarchy Edition" bonus. Ahead of the game's launch last year, id Software's Tim Willits told, "Our immediate plans, of course, are some DLC for Rage," so it stands to reason that DLC of some form for the game is still planned.

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