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Twelve South launches redesigned BookBook for iPad and BookBook for iPhone cases

Darren Murph

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During a visit to Twelve South's headquarters earlier in the year, we learned that its heralded BookBook lines would be getting a refresh for the iPad and iPhone. Today, we're able to actually talk about 'em. Both products are getting a gentle facelift, and better still, both products are shipping immediately to those interested. The star of the show is quite clearly the iPad edition, which has been "completely redesigned" in order to be some 33 percent thinner while weighing 358 grams. The interior is refreshed, too, with a rigid casing that hides a slip-in cover and a built-in stand. Reportedly in response to popular demand, a black and a red version are joining the classic brown edition, with each one constructed from leather and offering up a dual zipper system. The BookBook for iPad ($79.99) is built to support both the iPad 2 and the new Retina-equipped iPad, while the slightly tweaked BookBook for iPhone ($59.99; now available in brown and black) will comfortably house the iPhone 4 or 4S. Word hounds can find more where this came from in the PR past the break.

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Thinner, lighter, but packed with more features – Twelve South rewrites its BookBook for iPad.

Charleston, SC, June 19, 2012 – Twelve South introduces its next installment of BookBook for iPad, exclusively for the New iPad and iPad 2. The completely redesigned BookBook is 33% thinner and weighs just 358 grams. Features include an all new interior frame that creates a multi-angle display and a built-in typing stand, all while holding iPad securely inside. BookBook for iPad is available in three editions, including a much-requested Classic Black volume, and retains the same vintage style that has turned this case into one of the best iPad cases on the market. BookBook for iPad is available now for $79.99. Get more info and images at

BookBook for iPad has been redesigned, inside and out, with a noticeably thinner profile than its predecessor. Lighter and more comfortable to carry, BookBook retains its rigid spine and two hardback book covers that protect iPad while it is carried out and about. The spines feature all-new designs, helping distinguish these new models from others in the growing Twelve South BookBook collection – and keeping BookBook one of the most unique iPad cases available.

When you open up the new BookBook for iPad, the first upgrade you will notice in this multi-function case is an interior support frame that securely holds iPad in place, while showcasing the beautiful Retina display. Lift up the interior support frame and you will discover a built-in, adjustable typing stand. The interior support frame also swings further out, creating a multi-angle display stand that's perfect for FaceTime, desktop use or watching a movie.

BookBook for iPad is available in Vintage Brown, Classic Black and Vibrant Red, all crafted from premium leather and hand-distressed so no two look exactly alike. Dual zippers allow access to the dock connector port, letting you charge and sync iPad while leaving it safely inside BookBook. See the new BookBook for iPad in action.

Along with the smart functionality of BookBook, this handsome case has earned a reputation as a protective shield for iPad, concealing the tablet from itchy fingers. Stored inside BookBook, sitting on a table or on the seat of a car, iPad looks like an old book, instead of an expensive iPad filled with priceless photos, videos and personal data. Here is one of many notes we have received from customers who credit BookBook with saving their prized Apple hardware:

"Yesterday my house was robbed... When I came upon the cracked open back door, the first thing I thought was, "Oh god – my laptop was in the living room, it is soo toast." But guess what? It was in the BookBook, so they didn't notice it!"

"This new BookBook for iPad is so much better than the original you can't even consider it an update," said Andrew Green, Creative Director at Twelve South. "My favorite new feature is the built-in typing stand. But what's most remarkable still, is the legitimate security offered by the vintage book disguise. Consider this: there are many cases that protect your iPad from scratches, but what iPad case can actually help protect your iPad from theft? BookBook can - and that's amazing."

The new BookBook for iPad is a great looking, multi-functional case for iPad. Along with the luxurious feel of high-quality leather, this case provides 6-sided, fully insulated protection. And because it looks like a vintage book, it disguises iPad, keeping it out of sight from would-be thieves. BookBook for iPad is available now in Vintage Brown, Vibrant Red and the all new Classic Black for $79.99 with free US shipping at

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