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Crytek CEO: TimeSplitters could return as free-to-play title


Crytek won't be making a traditional retail TimeSplitters title, according to Cevat Yerli, the company's CEO (not a huge surprise, really). In an interview with VideoGamer, Yerli said he wished the company could develop it, saying, "I love the idea, I love the brand, I love everything – but the publishers don't." He added that he doesn't "want to spend [Crytek's] money on the project in a retail business."

It sounds dour to be sure, but Yerli quickly turned the tables, saying that TimeSplitters could be resurrected as a free-to-play title. Crytek recently made some waves announcing that it would be moving entirely toward a free-to-play business model after the launch of Crysis 3. The transition will be supported entirely by GFACE, Crytek's own game-streaming service.

Regarding the possibility of a new TimeSplitters on GFACE, Yerli was pretty clear: "I love the picture of a Timesplitters running on GFACE."

When a TimeSplitters sequel was referred to as gaming's Bigfoot – its Yeti, if you will – Yerli noted that "if we get enough fans, being loud enough," then "the Yeti can come back, on GFACE."

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