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Dragon Age Legends no longer online, but playable offline for free


Dragon Age Legends, as fans will tell you, was one of the more popular Facebook games EA has ever put together -- at least before its untimely death earlier this week. Such is the fate of a freemium promotional game for a much larger console and PC series.

But while most online games simply shut down and go gently into that good night, Dragon Age Legends is doing no such thing. As promised, the dev team has re-released the game as a single-player title, available as a free download right now. You won't be able to invite friends (or buy any microtransaction-based items), but you will be able to play the title offline and forever, regardless of EA's server status.

The game runs on Adobe Air, so you'll need to download and install that if you haven't yet. And while previous characters and accounts have been locked online for now, the team is working on a way to archive them offline, so they can be used in the single-player game as well. This could set a very nice precedent for popular Facebook titles, that would otherwise face oncoming oblivion thanks to server death.

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