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RuneScape reveals dual-wielding in sixth behind-the-scenes video

MJ Guthrie

Last month, Jagex revealed that a whole new combat system was on its way for the browser-based fantasy game RuneScape. Since then, players have been treated to more details about the upcoming changes in behind-the-scenes videos. Today's installment, the sixth and final one in the series, reveals a fundamental change to the combat system: dual-wielding. Now players can sacrifice a shield's defense to go all out for damage.

However, this dual-wielding system is unique. RuneScape is giving dual-wielding abilities to more than just those who prefer blades by making it available to magic users and ranged combatants as well. Players can dual-wield magic, ranged, melee, or mix and match any combination.

Another less dramatic change includes improved weapon stances, which add a casual stance to sheathed and attack positions. The stances also are individualized for different weapons. Finally, the devs have upgraded avatar models to include actual fingers.

To see a demonstration of these changes, you can watch the video. And for even more details about The Evolution of Combat, check out Massively's interview with Lead Designer Mark Ogilvie.

[Thanks to Sean for the tip!]

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