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Repopulation devs: Crafting system is similar to UO and SWG

Jef Reahard

Most modern-day MMORPG crafting mechanics are, shall we say, uninspired. With the marginalization of the sandbox and the rise of the combat lobby, crafting and meaningful economic gameplay has taken a back seat in all but a handful of titles.

The Repopulation
is one such title, and the dev team has released a new video that shows off the sci-fi sandbox's crafting mechanics. Fortunately for starving tradeskill fans everywhere, the game hearkens back to the days of Ultima Online and Star Wars Galaxies. In those titles, "players were able to exist completely as a crafter, harvesting their own materials and then using them to create things," according to the game's website. "We have designed our system in a mold similar to those games. If players do not wish to partake in combat, they can still be a successful crafter," the devs explain.

The new Repopulation tradeskills video gives us a good look at recipes and recipe customization via ingredient filters. There's also a brief bit about creature resource extraction, so check out the full nine-minute clip after the break.

[Thanks to J.C. for the tip!]

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