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The Daily Grind: Should localization delay a great game?


At E3 this year, we were thrilled to learn that mega-sandbox ArcheAge is headed Stateside at some point in the future. We were less thrilled to realize that's probably a very distant future. As the devs told us, critical game systems like crafting aren't yet finalized let alone implemented, never mind the long and grueling process of localizing the Korean game for Western audiences, a process that involves a whole lot more than mere translation.

But do you actually want an MMO to be tooled to your nationality's supposed preferences if that means long delays? Sure, garbled language and typos drive me insane (ask the writers!), but we suffer them in Western-made games already. And I'm not convinced that Western and Asian audiences are so different that any game requires a multi-year conversion.

Some days, I just want the game, localization be damned. What about you? Do you think proper localization is enough of a justification to delay an otherwise-amazing MMO?

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