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You know you want these Castle Crashers LEGOs to exist

Jordan Mallory

Castle Crashers is essentially a virtual personification of the make-believe adventures we'd take our medieval-themed LEGO kits on as wee children, lo those many years ago, so we're all about the idea of actual Castle Crashers LEGOs being put into production.

So is LEGO Cuusoo user Czar, whose Castle Crashers prototype set (seen above) is doing its damnedest to gain traction over on the crowdsourcing service. If made, the kit would come with four knights, two barbarians, a forest set piece and the War Machine mini-boss. Anyone interested in proclaiming their interest in such a product can do so here. Hopefully Castle Crashers will be seen as more of a LEGO-friendly brand than Firefly was.

[Thanks, Shaun!]

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