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$99 Xbox 360 with two-year contract now at GameStop, Best Buy


The discounted 4GB Xbox 360 Kinect bundle with bonus two-year contract is available now at participating Best Buy and GameStop locations. The basics of the deal (term used loosely): the package costs $99 upfront, with a 24-month contract at $14.99 a month, which will include Xbox Live Gold.

Sparing the need to whip out the TI-82 calculator, the cost of the contract would total roughly $460 over the next two years. A 4GB Xbox 360 Kinect bundle currently has a suggested retail price of $299, with Xbox Live Gold at about $50 a year, for an eventual total of $399. Of course, all of this math is subject to change over the next two years at the potential whims of retailer deals or official console price drops.

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