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Capcom ships over a million copies of Dragon's Dogma


Dragon's Dogma, a sort of experiment in Western-style role playing game design, is proving successful for Capcom. The publisher announced today that it has shipped over one million copies of the RPG so far. As for how that translates into sales, we don't have a hard number, but we do know that it's sold at least 330,000 in Japan, and placed in the top ten games for the US in May.

Because of this success – and because it's Capcom, who will give almost anything at least one sequel – it's no surprise Capcom is continuing with its plan to make Dragon's Dogma into one of its major franchises. "This game was developed with the goal of creating another pillar of earnings for Capcom alongside Monster Hunter and Sengoku Basara," Capcom noted. "To further increase the value of brands used for its content, Capcom will continue to utilize a variety of initiatives that include the continuous distribution of downloadable content."

Will some of that downloadable content be a Snoop Dogg-themed level called "Dragon's Doggma?" Namco Bandai would say that's a good idea.

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