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    Daily iPhone App: Light Byte provides frenetic color-matching fun


    Light Byte is one of the most invention takes on "falling block" games I've seen in a while. In fact, there are a few genres mixed in here, including Snood's kind of color matching gameplay, as well as some excellent combo action. The game starts out with blocks slowly falling toward you on the screen, and it's your job to fire stars (by touching the various block columns) back up at the blocks, hitting the same colors in a row. Blocks that match the color you just hit fall off the screen, and (in the endless mode, anyway) you've got to keep the screen clear for as long as possible.

    It's really fun, and the title's groovy out-of-this-world soundtrack really contributes to the feeling that you're building up mega-combos when you can line up the same color all in a row. There are powerups that show up in the various colors as you move along, more colors that appear as you level up, and eventually the blocks also start to grow transparent over time, so you also have to try and remember which colors were where. It sounds frenetic, and it is, but the game presents these things to you in such a smooth manner that it's still good fun.

    Light Byte is a 99 cent download. It's definitely worth the price, and with quite a few options to play even outside the main endless mode, you'll probably be matching colored blocks for a long time to come.

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