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JuiceBuddy is a pocket-sized iPhone charger


With a name like JuiceBuddy, you might expect this product to be the "world's smallest juicer" of late-night TV fame. Instead, JuiceBuddy is a tiny US$24.95 AC adapter that easily fits onto a keychain so you have a way to power your iPhone or iPod touch anywhere there's an outlet.

The tiny charger comes with a pop-off keychain attachment so you can charge your iPhone at a moment's notice. Just flip out the prongs, plug the JuiceBuddy into the wall outlet, pop off the cap, and slide the iPhone on for charging.

If you need to charge something that uses a regular USB cable, don't worry -- removing the key chain attachment reveals a standard USB 2.0 port. The JuiceBuddy comes in four colors: White, Red, Polished Aluminum, and Black. I definitely need one of these to keep my mophie juice pack reserve charged up and to give it some company on my keychain.

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