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Okami HD developed by Capcom and Hexa Drive


Joystiq has confirmed that Okami HD, a touched-up and brushed-down version of Clover Studio's beautiful Zelda-like adventure, is being developed in collaboration between Capcom and Hexa Drive.

Remastered versions of classic games don't always enhance or preserve the experience properly, so we've come to scrutinize the pedigree of the companies that make them. Hexa Drive's most relevant resumé item happens to be an excellent Xbox Live Arcade update to another vibrant and cherished game: REZ HD.

The Japanese studio is headed by Masakazu Matsushita, who worked as lead programmer on Capcom's Devil May Cry 3 and then Lost Planet. Hexa Drive also partnered with Square Enix while developing a slice of Parasite Eve for PSP, dubbed The 3rd Birthday.

Okami HD is coming to PSN (with Move support) this fall for $20 – that's about 17 hours of game for every dollar, if we remember correctly.

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