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Wreck-It Ralph game about the movie about games coming only to Nintendo systems


Wreck-It Ralph, an animated film coming November 2 from Disney, features classic characters sure to induce nostalgia in bomb-like proportions for its 20-55 demographic -- which is why it's strange that the game based on the movie based on video games will come only to Nintendo's Wii, 3DS and DS.

With the film, Disney is focused on introducing a younger audience to arcade-style side-scrollers, and it seems Activision is keeping that trend with a launch on the market's most "family-friendly" set of platforms.

"Wreck-It Ralph, as a brand entity, is perfectly suited for video game stardom," Activision Executive Vice President David Oxford says. "With the fantastic characters and creative atmosphere envisioned by Walt Disney Animation Studios, we know fans are going to love seeing their newfound favorite characters embark on an all-new side-scrolling adventure."

The game will have players switch between Ralph and Fix-It Felix to defeat the Cy-Bugs, with a story campaign and two-player co-op for the Wii.

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