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Age of Wulin sandbox to feature accurate real-world locations

Jef Reahard

How would you like to know a bit more about the setting, landscapes, and historical background in Age of Wulin? Yeah, it sounded cool to us too, which is why we're bringing you the highlights of the latest press release from gPotato. The free-to-play firm is publishing Snail Games' upcoming martial arts MMO in Europe (it's also coming to North America as Age of Wushu), and it says that the game and its expansive world is inspired by over 2,000 years of Chinese legends.

The Wuxia and kung-fu genres are major influences, of course, so AoW takes place during the early years of the Ming Dynasty, when China's martial arts culture was at its peak. If you missed our E3 preview, you should know that the game is a skill-based sandbox featuring eight distinct combat schools and plenty of novel non-combat mechanics.

The game also boasts upwards of 40,000 NPCs inhabiting 27 regions that stretch across 130 square kilometers. This is a free-roaming open-world title, too, where explorers can visit real locations like Beijing or even the developers' hometown of Suzhou. Want to walk the Great Wall? You can, along with a Shaolin Monastery, the Wudang mountains, and dozens of other locations.

gPotato says the devil is in the details, so the devs have "studied and analyzed old maps, plans, and blueprints in order to reconstruct real places in game with the greatest accuracy possible." If you missed the game's North American launch trailer, we've embedded it for you after the break.

[Source: gPotato press release]

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