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Apple removes claim of virus immunity


As small as the threat may be, Mac users can no longer claim immunity from attack by malicious software online. Many Mac users are starting to recognize this new reality and now Apple does, too. As noted in a recent PC World article, Apple has quietly removed the claim "It doesn't get PC viruses" from its OS X website and replaced it with the phrase "It's built to be safe." Also changed is the paragraph header "Safeguard your data. By Doing Nothing," which now says "Safety. Built right in."

It's a subtle difference, but it's enough to show that Apple recognizes the importance of Mac security. Mac OS X is growing as a desktop platform and increasingly will be the target of malicious attacks. Recently, the Flashback botnet infected over 670,000 computers worldwide, most of which were running Mac OS X. This botnet exploited a hole in Java that was patched by Apple in a subsequent update to OS X.

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